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The EpiGuide (also affectionately called 'the Eppy' within our community) is an online community devoted to original web-based entertainment sites, from webfiction and online serials to webseries and webcomics. You can learn more about these entertainment sites through our articles, interviews, episode previews, and many discussions within our forums.

The EpiGuide, founded in 1998, was one of the first (if not the first) sites devoted to original web-based serials. We consist of both authors and site producers (i.e., the backstage staffers who develop entertainment websites) and readers/audience members.

Webserials may be in text, graphic, audio or video format. What they all have in common is that they are continually updated, usually in regularly-scheduled episodes. They take many forms: streaming audio or video, text, cartoons, online comics, or a combination of the above. The series can be comedies, dramas, soap operas, children's programs, mysteries, science fiction, or any other genre.

Everyone's welcome, so please join in!

About the EpiCast:

This series of broadcasts will feature discussion, news and recaps from the world of original web entertainment, and more specifically, the EpiGuide community. We'll cover everything that the Eppy does -- from online fiction and web serials to webseries and webcomics, in all forms and in all genres.

Writers/producers of webserials in any genre/format are invited, nay, encouraged, to submit your recaps for possible inclusion in future broadcasts. Since time is limited, please keep the recap down to one storyline and a single paragraph, about a hundred words or so.  Everyone -- backstage folks as well as audience members/readers -- is also very welcome to send along any interesting news items or potential discussion topics. Send recaps or news items to: editor@epiguide.com. Thanks!