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EpiCast #009: Fixed vs. Fluid: Should Webserial Authors Change Old Installments?

November 30th, 2012 · Comments

EpiCast #009 - Fixed vs. Fluid: Should Webserial Authors Change Old Installments?
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Hi everyone! We have a fresh batch of webseries/webfiction news, recaps, and discussion, not to mention revolting self-promotion on the part of one of our hosts, all ready for you to enjoy in EpiCast #009. Your co-hosts Kira (yours truly) and Michael, the latter back after a break, offer up a few quick news items ranging from simple schedule changes to a site redesign (and our opinions thereof), a call for serial submissions from a renowned publisher, and a social media webseries in the making.

There are also the aforementioned storyline recaps, all but one submitted courtesy of some generous writers -- and the lone instance of one of our hosts going rogue was Michael, who very generously decided to recap About Schuyler Falls, another series that reached its fifteenth birthday this year like his own Footprints, which we spotlighted last month. He then proceeds to embarrass his co-host by going on about it for a bit.

And finally, once that's done, we get to a debate/discussion, which focuses on the nature of how writers treat their webserials: should these be fixed works that stand or fall proudly on their own, or fluid entities that can be revised after publication?

Listen on and decide for yourself!

Episode Notes:

  • As ever, sound quality remains a cruel beast who won't be tamed. One of us sounds like she's in a tin can, the other is apparently in an echo canyon. We apologize, as always, for the weirdness.

Recording date: This episode was recorded on November 24, 2012.


  • 00:00 - 01:51: Opening pleasantries, thanks to last month's sub host Ira, comments from our co-host about the previous episode in his absence, and teasers for the episode ahead
  • 01:52 - 13:31: Around the World in Webseries, plus call for news submissions
  • 13:32 - 30:35: The Story So Far: webserial storyline recaps
  • 30:36 - 35:11: Chat re: the season finale & 15th birthday of About Schuyler Falls
  • 35:12 - 35:43: Writers: Call for recap submissions
  • 37:00 - 57:30: Discussion: Should webserials be fixed or fluid?
  • 57:31 - 58:56: Closing pleasantries, contact info, thanks to podcast sponsors, goodbyes!

Many thanks to the special donors who helped make this podcast possible! Please see the sidebar for the list of Podcast sponsors.

Links to the other sites mentioned in this episode:

Thanks & Invitation: Join in! We'd love to hear from you about any of the sites or topics we covered in this episode. Keep an eye out over at the EpiGuide for a Call for Submissions where we'll be asking for webserial recaps and news, listener questions, and topic ideas.

Music credits: "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance" (EpiCast opening theme), "The Big Boom" (News intro), "Not About You" (Recaps intro), "So Far, So Good" (Recaps submission theme), "You Ruined Everything" (Intro to Fixed or Fluid discussion), "Bills, Bills, Bills" (EpiCast sponsor theme), and "I Feel Fantastic" (Closing theme), all written and performed by the brilliant Jonathan Coulton (except "Bills, Bills, Bills," which is his cover of the Destiny's Child song). These tracks are licensed Creative Commons by-nc.

Technical notes: We used Skype for the conversation and interviews, Replay Recorder for recording, Audacity for editing, and Podbean for hosting.If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or brickbats you want to throw at us regarding this episode, please let us know!

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