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EpiCast #003: Extras

January 29th, 2012 · Comments

EpiCast #003 - Extras
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Hello all, and welcome to our first EpiCast of 2012. This is our third episode, #003: Extras., and we have the latest batch of recaps, some discussion about storylines that affected us during the past month, a few news items, and a rather extensive examination of the difference between self-created HTML sites and blog/CMS-based sites, and the related issue of ways to supplement one's writing with extra features -- what works, what's not so great, and what our hosts (Michael and Kira, as usual) actually think is mandatory. Yep, we totally go there. Nervy, huh?

The recaps and news focuses on the EpiGuide.com community but we do try to expand and look at a variety of serials whenever possible. If you don't see your favorite genre being represented, please encourage the author / producer to submit material to us! We do hunt down topics and serials ourselves, but it sure makes life easier for us when the writers give us tips themselves.

As mentioned, this episode is hosted by Kira Lerner (yours truly), admin of the EpiGuide, and Michael, longtime community member and webserial producer.

Recording date: This episode was recorded January 15, 2011.


  • 0:00 - 1:22: Opening pleasantries and chatter
  • 1:35 - 22:00: "The Story So Far..." (Recaps and discussion of recent storylines from a selection of webserials)
  • 22:00 - 26:30: Commentary on a storyline in Footprints
  • 26:30 - 27:34: Invitation to serial writers to submit recaps for our next podcast
  • 27:34 - 29:05: "Around the Webseries World" - News, announcements and interesting topics from around the community.
  • 29:05 - 58:48: Discussion about HTML sites vs. blog-/CMS-based sites, different ways of presenting one's story, useful extra features.
  • 58:48 - 1:01: Wrap-up.

Links to sites mentioned:

Music credits: "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance" (EpiCast intro and wrapup music), "Not About You" (Recap intro), and "So Far, So Good" (under recap segue), all by the brilliant Jonathan Coulton and licensed Creative Commons by-nc.

Technical notes: If anyone's interested, we used Skype for the conversation, Replay Recorder for recording, Audacity for editing, and Podbean for hosting.If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or brickbats you want to throw at us regarding this episode, please let us know!

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