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EpiCast #002: Finales

December 24th, 2011 · Comments

EpiCast #002 - Finales Download EpiCast #002

Happy holidays, everyone! And a little late in arriving but no worse for the delay is our second episode of the EpiCast,#002: Finales. As always, we focus on discussion, news and recaps from the world of original web entertainment, and more specifically, the EpiGuide.com community. This month's installment is chock-full of recaps in particular from a variety of serials in a variety of genres, which is just how we like 'em. From sci-fi to fantasy to melodrama, there's surely something for everyone. We also take a look at the end of one highly popular serial, answer a related question from a listener that allowed us to reminisce about serials gone by, and finally offer some discussion topics and news tidbits for everyone.

Hosted by Kira Lerner (yours truly), admin of the EpiGuide, and Michael, longtime community member and webserial producer.

Recording date: This episode was recorded December 11, 2011.

Errata: During our news segment Kira incorrectly identified a publishing platform that was mentioned by M.E. Traylor on the EpiGuide. The correct name for this platform is PressBooks. Sorry about that!


  • 0:00 - 1:09: Opening pleasantries and chatter
  • 1:10 - 18:05: "The Story So Far..." (Recaps and discussion of recent storylines from a selection of webserials)
  • 18:06 - 25:20: Recap, review and commentary on the final episode of The Blackthornes
  • 25:20 - 26:05: Invitation to serial writers to submit recaps for our next podcast
  • 26:06 - 32:46: "The Audience Asks..." We answer a question from a listener re: our most-missed webserials.
  • 32:56 - 36:17: "Around the Webseries World" - News, announcements and interesting topics from around the community. Introducing Special People, eBook resources, and a blog post about publishing platforms
  • 36:26 - 37:30: Wrap-up

Links to sites mentioned:

Music credits: "Chiron Beta Prime" (EpiCast intro), "Not About You" (Recap intro), "So Far, So Good" (under recap segue), "The Big Boom" (News intro), and "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance" (EpiCast wrapup music) all by the brilliant Jonathan Coulton and licensed Creative Commons by-nc.

Technical notes: If anyone's interested, we used Skype for the conversation, Replay Recorder for recording, Audacity for editing, and Podbean for hosting.If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or brickbats you want to throw at us regarding this episode, please let us know!

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